My Top Five Fashion Picks for Spring 2012

With Summer just around the corner, us gals are spoiled for choice with Tropicana prints, neon wedges, crocheted anthing and midi-skirts in mint green hues. The shops are putting their tired Winter attire on sale and hamonising ‘Summer Nights’ with racks and rails of clashing-print, bold pinks and purples and the classic Spring LWDs.

Here are my top five fashion picks for Spring 2012:

Burlap Sacks

After having spent the last six months of my life learning how to create more tax breaks for the rich, and simultaneously trying not to commit suicide, my diet isn’t great and one can imagine that even the sackiest of spud sacks would be offended by our aesthetic association. Regardless, I’m being inspired by burlap sacks this season. Not only do I love their ‘shapeless’, ‘depressing’ and ‘brown’ qualities, they can also be dressed up for a night at Wetherspoons with a sparkly belt and a pair of George at Asda jeans, or dressed down for those days when you want some ‘me-time’ to roam freely around your house and cry about your shit life.


High street stores such as Topshop and River Island are investing heavily in the Sportswear Couture trend, which has been making an appearance in many Spring/Summer catwalks for the last few years, not to mention those of the 1980s and 90s. I like to put my own stamp on this trend by wearing my sweaty gym clothes everywhere because I’m overstretched and exhausted, while accessorising with a scowl and no make-up because I just sweat it off my face anyway during my workout to the point I looks like I’ve been ugly-crying, which I was, but come on.


While playing with fashion is fun, it is also advisable that you find out what suits you, dress for your ‘body type’ and don’t succumb to trends that are unflattering or inappropriate to you as an individual. As I have mentioned in previous posts, my individual style is ‘Big Lesbian’, reminiscent of Aileen Wuornos and other butch, burly women of the 1980s.

Therefore, I always have a timeless pair of dungarees in my wardrobe, that I update with current trends. For any other ladies considering investing in a pair of dungarees: My advice? Go for it. Multiple pockets to store your mullet comb? No sleeves to weigh down your arms when you’re writing Harry Potter fan fiction? An inexplicable constant presence of camel’s hoof while remaining baggy and unflattering in the leg? Yes, yes and yes!

A Nice Frock for the Dinner Dance

Spring 2012 fashion draws inspiration from the maxi-dress trend of the last few years, while paying tribute to elegant, garden party style, as exemplified with Rachel Zoe’s statement dress from her second collection:

However, this sort of thing is impractical for the dinner dance as you’d surely get leek and potato soup and rohypnol-spiked Smirnoff Ice spilled all down the front, and therefore, a touch of functionality is needed. As most of my nights on the town involve getting too pissed and having to be carried home, slung over someone’s shoulder (which I’m frequently sick down), a nice slaggy equivalent such as this dress is more up my alley for Spring:

An Outfit to ‘Blend In’

As every gal knows, while we love our statement pieces and garments that helps us to stand out, a nice outfit that helps you blend into the backround the morning after the night before can be a godsend for those days when you’re just popping out for a coffee and the latest copy of Vogue and don’t want to be recognised when you’re a little worse for wear. Therefore, investing in a ‘Where’s Wally?’ costume will do the trick, because I can never find him, no matter how hard I try. Seriously, it takes me ages.

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